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TRACKING, All levels

These classes are 8 sessions, once a week, 2 hours per session.

Classes are limited to max 4 dog/handler teams.

All levels of tracking classes are run throughout the year.

Other Scent work classes such as Article Indication, Area Searches and People Searches are run on an as-needed basis.

If you are interested in joining a future class please email for info.

If you cannot commit to a weekly class schedule there is the option of private sessions or sessions shared with one or two other people. 


This class is 3 sessions, once a week. Each session is approx. 2 1/2 hours.

Open to anyone with minimum a Tracking Level 2 and Article Indication.

Class size is limited to 3 dog/handler teams.

This class focuses on perfecting your skills as a handler and track layer in the following areas:

  • Harness fit and correct equipment
  • Line Handling
  • Start and End 
  • Article Indication
  • The Environment 
  • Commands
  • Body language
  • And more

The 3 sessions cover theory and 3 different types of tracks.


Starting or shaping up on your dog’s indication

Prerequisite :  Tracking Level 1


Prerequisite: Good article indication and off-leash control

FUN SPECIALTY Highly popular, register early (max 6 dog/handler teams) :

  • Annual EASTER EGG TRACK!! 
  • Annual HALLOWEEN TRACK !!  
  • Annual TRACK-A-SANTA!


For trackers who have completed minimum a Tracking Level 1 + Article Indication (or the equivalent in private sessions)

Please email to register 

Classes start at 10 am unless otherwise indicated.

  • Please see weekly email updates.


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