Tracking & Scent Work

If you are looking for fun stuff to do with your dog you’ve found it!

Scent work is a most rewarding activity for dogs. It builds a wonderful relationship between you and your best friend.  It challenges their busy minds and tires them out.

Once you have watched your dog track or search you’ll never view your dog the same way again! It completely changes your understanding of your dog’s world and your dog will love your for it!

We teach search and rescue style tracking and scent work which is taught with positive, motivational methods only.

Both you and your dog will have a lot of fun and you’ll be amazed to see your dog tracking on the first day!

Your dog’s nose is his main sensory organ and the olfactory center in the dog’s brain takes up an eighth of the brain. A huge part of the brain is engaged in nose work along with the rest of the brain for problem solving. No wonder they are so tired afterward!

There are 3 different ways for dogs to work scent: Air scenting, trailing, and tracking all of which your dog does naturally already.

No particular obedience skills are needed although a sit and/or down is recommended. What you will need as you progress will be discussed and taught in class as necessary.


Whether you want to track for fun or trial, these classes will give you the foundation and understanding of tracking and scent work  – from the correct equipment to track laying skills to understanding your dog and all the variables of the environment.


Wilderness Tracking

In Wilderness tracking we track on mainly ‘soft’ surfaces, surfaces that hold more scent than ‘hard’ surfaces such as asphalt or cement.

These surfaces include grass, chip, gravel, soil, wood.

As the dogs progress we add streams and road crossings of either gravel or asphalt.

We track both on and off trail to teach the dogs to expect the unexpected.

Tracks are run with either the track layer or an item of the track layer’s at the end.

Classes take place in our very beautiful CRD and provincial parks in and around Victoria.


Urban and Suburban Tracking

We track anywhere and everywhere in order to teach the dogs to track on any surface, hard or soft.

We track in and around everyday distractions such as buildings, school fields, people, dogs, kids, play grounds, cars, busses, strollers, bicycles, etc.







Area Searches

In area searches the dog is asked to search for either a person or articles.

If the dog is looking for articles (lost items) he/she will either be given one specific person’s scent and asked to search for that scent only or the dog may be asked to find anything with human scent on it.

The dog is worked off leash and good off leash control as well as a good article indication (alert) is a prerequisite for this work.



Article Indication

Articles can be anything a person may have lost: A wallet, a piece of clothing, glasses, keys, cell phone, etc.

An article indication or alert is the behaviour the dog performs when finding the lost items or lost person. The type of alert chosen for each dog depends on the dog.

There are two types of alerts: Active and passive.

Examples of active alerts are: scratching, mouthing, retrieving.

Examples of passive alerts: barking, a sit or down by the item or person, bringing the handler to the item or person.

Articles may be incorporated on a track or in an area-,  building-  or vehicle search.

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