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Malene is a gifted, gentle, results-oriented trainer.

Growing up in Denmark amongst dogs and horses she assisted her father with dog handling, rearing and training from the time she could hang on to a leash.

In 2000 she immigrated to Canada and settled in Victoria where she continued on working with dogs as a professional dog obedience and behaviour modification trainer on South Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands, teaching classes spanning from Puppy Preschool to Advanced Obedience, Rally, Canine Good Neighbour preparation, Tracking and Scent Work, The Physical Dog assessments, Behavior Assessments and -modification, in particular in regards to fear and aggression.

As an advocate of non-abusive training methods, Malene teaches fun, positive and proven techniques, including clicker training. Training is only taught with positive reinforcement and always based on an understanding of each dog’s individuality. The positive training methods applied build a sound relationship between dog and owner based on trust and respect. She also helps owners create a strong leadership role, teaching methods that are motivational and non-abusive. Owners are taught to read their dog’s body language, to understand how dogs learn, communicate and see the world. How to truly connect with their dog in a mutually rewarding way.

Malene continues to build on her expertise as a Tracking and Scent Work trainer, Obedience trainer and behaviour consultant by regularly attending relevant seminars and workshops as well as doing literary research.

Her brilliant scent work mentor, John Rice, is a retired forest ranger with an extensive background in K-9 Search & Rescue. He has been working dogs in all aspects of police work (except protection) and SAR: evidence, cadaver, water, urban tracking, air scenting, building search, and narcotics. His booklet “Following Ghosts” is based on John’s extensive experiences with his all Golden Retriever Police K-9 unit. His approach to tracking focuses on the relationship between dog & handler, and an understanding of scent from the dog’s point of view. Please click here for a full bio on John.

The “Following Ghosts” booklet is co-authored by his wife, Suzanne Clothier, a professional dog trainer, lecturer and an award winning author. Suzanne has had an immense impact on Malene’s work and philosophy in dog training. Suzanne’s innovative holistic approach focuses on the mind, body & soul of the dog and the importance of the relationship between dog and handler. Her seminars, given nationwide, cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the canine athlete, behavior, the training relationship & more. Please click here to go to Suzanne’s website for a bio, must read free articles, recommended reading and more.

“Following Ghosts”  is mandatory reading for any K9s On Track scent work classes. Please see the Recommended Reading for where to purchase this booklet.

Malene is an active volounteer with Juan de Fuca Search and Rescue in Sooke, with special interest in K9 Search and Rescue, Rope Rescue and Man Tracking and is presently training her youngest German Shepherd as a SAR dog. (This Shepherd is of Suzanne Clothier’s breeding, Hawks Hunt German Shepherds.)

Malene teaches both private sessions and group classes.

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