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1 01 2010
We are located in Victoria on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

If you are looking for fun stuff to do with your dog you have just found it. Check on these pages for information on doing fun scent work and tracking with your dog.  


Once you have watched your dog track or search you’ll never view your dog the same way again! It completely changes your understanding of your dog’s world and your dog will love you for it!



  • Want a fun and challenging activity to do with your dog?
  • Does your dog need a job?
  • Do you have a dog with physical issues which limit him or her from other dog sports ?
  • Is your dog reactive? Can’t work off leash or around other dogs?


Scent work is a most rewarding activity for dogs. It builds a wonderful relationship between you and your best friend.  It challenges their busy minds and tires them out.

Learn how to lay tracks, read your dog, how the environment influences your tracks and determines how your dog works, how to pick the right equipment for you and your dog, and much more. In every session you will be tracking in the real world as well as learn about scent theory and your dog’s amazing scenting ability.

Whether you want to track for fun or competition, these classes will provide you with the skills needed.

We teach wilderness-, urban-, field- and variable surface tracking, article indication and area searches in both group classes and private sessions. 

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One response

16 11 2013
Fran Cudlipp

I am interested in obtaining more information about the tracking classes: my 15-month old Spaniel has taken odour recognition classes, and thrives on it, and I would like to expand on it further for her.


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